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Karate Pose

Where Practice Makes Perfect

Our Aim

There are so many good reasons to join Meath Karate. For children, there is the opportunity to learn self-defence, improve confidence, develop social skills, improve coordination and fitness. The discipline and concentration required can be a great help to children. At Meath Karate, we also offer children to opportunity to compete in sport karate. We have had several champions at All-Ireland And European level. However, there is no pressure on children to compete.

For adults, karate is great for self-defence, mobility and fitness. Adults can concentrate on the traditional elements of Wadokai karate such as kata or also works towards competition from adult to veteran level.

Practicing Martial Arts
Karate Class Outdoors
Karate Pose Outdoors
Karate Practice by the Waters
Karate Practice
Karate Practice in the Field
Karate Practice
Practicing Karate
Meath Karate E

Adrian Collender
Mark Collender

Something For Everyone

Martial Arts Class
Beginners Children's Classes

Challenge Yourself

Mondays : 17:00
Thursdays: 16.30

Saturdays : 16:00

General Classes

All ages

Tuesday  :  17:30 (kumite)

Thursday : 17:30

Saturday : 17:00 (kumite)
Saturday: 18.00

Karate Practice
Practicing Karate
Adults Only Classes

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Contact Us

Meath Karate, BT Fitness, Beechmount Home Park, Clogherboy, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

Tel: 0469022825, (087)2026838

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